Extended information about cookies


Extended information about cookie


This text refers to the website www.doctorshop.eu (“Site”), where Doctor Shop S.r.l. (“Doctor Shop”) works, with distinctive signs, respectively, of “Doctor Shop”, as provider of the registration service and seller and as owner of the Site and holter of the Personal Details that the Users have given. Doctor Shop provides a unique information text and require only one consent to install the cookies.

What is a cookie and what does it do

A cookie is a little text file that a website visited by the user sends to his device (computer, mobile as smartphone or tablet) where it gets saved to be senta gain to that site when the user visits again the site. The cookies are divided by:

  • by the subject that install them on the user’s device, depending on that the sender is the owner of the site (aka “first part cookie”) or a different site, which install cookies as asked by the fist site (aka “third part cookie”);
  • by the purpose of each cookie: some cookies allow the website that installed them to remind, for example, the preferences expressed by the user or to purchase or do verification to access to private areas (aka “technical cookie”);
  • other cookies allow the website that installed them to monitor the activity of the user in the internet in order to send advertising and/or offer services related to the preferences expressed by the user (aka “profiling cookie”). Only the profiling cookie requires a consent from the user for its use.

Through the website are installed technical cookies of first and third part and profiling cookies and/ore other marker of first or third part, as better described in the following tables.

Methods to show the conset to profiling cookie

During the first visit to websites, the user can accept all the cookies doing one of these actions::

  • closing the banner clicking on the X or on “OK” placed on the banner or
  • accessing to a specific area of the website or clicking on any element of the page (image or link) outside the banner; or
  • scrolling the page.

During the first visit to websites, if the userd does not do any of the described actions on batter but, from the bunner, accesses to the extended informative area, he can:

  • deny the consent to the installation of cookies clicking on the specific link placed in the tables tha follow de description of every cookie (called “Opt-Out”);

Anyway, through the setting of the browser the user can: (i) manage his preferences about cookies from his browser, blocking their installation; (ii) deleting from his browser the cookies already installed, including the cookie he gave the consent. The user can find the information about how to manage cookies on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Explorer.


Technical cookie that does not require the previous consent

The technical cookie is used to allow the correct work of the website and/or to provide to the User a service or a function that he had specificly requested. It guarantees, so, the normal use of websites, allowing, also, to save the preferences expressed by the User and increasing his experience. The websites uses technical cookies from websites that are divided in the following sub-categories:

  • cookie “user input”: session cookie used to keep trace of the data provided by the user fulfilling specific forms online (for exemple forms placed during the purchasing that requires a shipping or billing address) or, as happen in the cart, to remind the products the user added into, clicking on the specific button;
  • “cookie consent”: cookie that documents the expressend consent of the user to install profiling cookies doing one of the actions described above; it recognises the user at the second access in order to do not ask again for the consent; it has a expiring date of 12 months.


Other typologies of Cookie or third tools that may be used

Some of the services listed down here may do not ask for the User’s consent or may be managed from the owner – depending on what is written – without the help of third entities.


If there are tools managed by third entities listed between the ones listed down here, these may be – in addition to what specified and also unbeknownst of the owner – do tracking activities of the User. For detailed information about it, please read the privacy policy of the listed sevices.

  • Interaction with social network and external platform

This type of services allow to make interactions with social networks, or with other external platforms, directly from the pages of this online space.
The interactions and the information gotten from this online space are managed conform to the privacy settings of the User related to each social network.
In case a service of interaction with social network has been installed, it is possible that, even the Users that do not use the service, that the service collect data from the pages where it is installed.

Button I Like and social widgets of Facebook (Facebook, Inc.)

The button “I Like” and the social widgets of Facebook are interaction services with the social network Facebook, supplied by Facebook, Inc.

Personal details collected: Cookies and data of use.

Place of treatment: USA – Privacy Policy

Button +1 and social widgets of Google+ (Google Inc.)

The button +1 and the social widgets of Google+ are services of interaction with the social network Google+, supplied by Google Inc.

Personal details collected: Cookies and data of use.

Place of treatment: USA – Privacy Policy

  • Advertise

This type of services allow to use the User’s data for commercial purposes in various ways related to the User’s interests.
This means that all the personal details will be used for this purpose. Data and condition of use are following.
Some of the services listed may use Cookie to identify the User or use the behavioral retargeting technique, showing advertising announces related to the User’s preferences, collected also outside of this online space. To have more information about it, we suggest you to verify the privacy policy and services.

Criteo (Criteo SA)

Criteo is an advertising service supplied by Criteo SA.

Personal details collected: Cookies and data of use.

Place of treatment: France – Privacy PolicyOpt Out

  • Remarketing and behavioral targeting

This type of services allow this online space and its partners to communicate, optimize and serve advertising announces based on the past use of this online space by the User.
This activity is done through the tracking of the Data of Use and Cookies, information that are transferred to partners which activity is reamarketing and behavioral targeting.
In addition to the chance of Opt-Out, the User can deny his consent to Cookies from a third entity, visiting opt-out page of the Network Advertising Initiative.

AdWords Remarketing (Google Inc.)

AdWords Remarketing is a service of remarketing and behavioral targeting supplied by Google Inc. that connects the activity of this online space with the network of advertising Adwords and the Cookie Doubleclick.

Personal details collected: Cookies and data of use.

Place of treatment: USA – Privacy PolicyOpt Out

  • Statistic

The services in this section allow the holder of the treatment to monitor and analyze the data of traffick and mean to track of the User’s behavior.

Monitoring of Google AdWords convertions (Google Inc.)

The monitoring of Google AdWords’ convetions is a service of statistcs supplied by Google Inc. which connects the data coming from the network of annouce of Google AdWords with the actions made into this online space.

Personal details collected: Cookies and data of use.

Place of treatment: USA – Privacy Policy

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is a service on web analysis supplied by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses personal details with the purpose of tracking and analyze the use of this online space, fulfil report and share them with other services developed by Google.
Google may use the personal details to customize the announces of its own advertising network.

Personal details collected: Cookies and data of use.

Place of treatment: USA – Privacy PolicyOpt Out

Holder of the Data TreatmentTitolare del Trattamento dei Dati

Doctor Shop S.r.l. – Viale Monza, 259 – 20126 Milano

Email address fo the holder: info@DoctorShop.it

Information provided by Doctor Shop conform to art. 13 of Privacy Code (Italian law)

Regarding about the information collected by cookies installed by the site, Doctor Shop, as holder of the treatment, assume this:

  • data are collected only for specified purposes and for the time indicated in the tables shown and are treated with informatic methods;
  • about the “technical” cookie, as written before, we specify that it does not need the consent becaus it is needed for the correct use of the website. If deleted in the setting of the browser, the site may have limited performaces;
  • the data collected by first part cookies can be communicated to subjects that work for Doctor Shop as responsibles or are in charge for the treatment, for the already known purposes. About those data, we remind that the user can use his right of the art. 7 of Privacy Code (italian law), as better described in the section about treatment of personal details available at the link “Privacy Policy” in the footer of every page of the site.

In conclusion, talking about third part cookies, we remind that the purposes of those cookies, the logics and relative treatments and the managing of the User’s preferences are not determinated and/or verified by this online space, but by a third entity that provides them, as provrider and holder of the treatment, as shown before. Anyway, this online space will help to provide support to the user that will ask to practice his right to delete the cookies from his browser.

Definitions and legal references

Personal details (or data)

A personal detail is every information related to a physical person, identify ore indentifiable, even indirectly, using any other information, included the personal identification number.

Data of use

Are the personal details collected in an automatic way through the sites, as: IP addresses or domain name of computers used by the User that connect himself to the sites, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), hour of request, the method used to make a request to the server, the dimension of the file got as answer, the numeri code for the status of the answer from the server (correct, error, etc.) the country of provenience, the features of the browser and the operative system used by the visitor, the various temporal notes of the visit (time spent on each page) and the details related to the trip into the site, with particular attention to the sequence of pages visited, to the parameters related to the operative system and the informatic environment of the User.


The physical person that visits the website.


The User who the personal details refer to.