Terms of payment


How can i pay?
Are the credit card payment safe?

Doctor Shop accepts all the types of payment: you just have to choose the one more suitable for you!

1. Wire transfer in advance

In case of wire transfer in advance, we will ship to you the order as soon as we receive the amount in the Doctor Shop’s bank account.
In the causal of the wire transfer, you must write the number of order that you find in the confirmation e-mail  with our bank account details.
To speed up the shipment of your order you can send us the payment slip at the fax number 02 93650585, or to the e-mail address amministrazione@doctorshop.it.


  1. Credit Card

    In case of payment by Credit Card, while concluding the online transaction, the bank authorizes only the amount related to the purchase. The Credit Cards accepted are all the ones that use a Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron, American Express, Aura and Discover circuits.

    When is ready to pay the customer is brought on the PayPal platform, which invites the customer, if he wants to proceed with the payment, to type the credit card details. .

    When the transaction is correctly done, the goods, if available, will be reserved and will be shipped after a previous check on the customer’s data.

    Important: to protect the owner of the Credit Cards, Doctor Shop can (unquestionable judgment) ask by phone to confirm the data sent related to the card, or to require a further document which has to be sent by fax or post that show over every reasonable doubt that he is the owner of the card used in the transaction. Doctor Shop can (unquestionable judgment) accept or refuse the order and ship it in the time frame needed for that validation.
  2. PayPal

PayPal is the ideal solution to send and receive money online without sharing your financial data: it enough having an email address.
Thanks to PayPal, your financial data will not be typed on Doctorshop.ue, but will be managed directly by PayPal. The system is absolutely safe and free.
To know more about it, click here.

Safe payments on Doctor Shop