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Legal warranty
Producer warranty
What have i to do if the device i bought does not work any more?

Legal warranty

The legal warranty is applicable to all the purchasing made on Doctor Shop. It is valid 24 months for consumer, 12 months for professionals or who use the product for a professional activity. According to the law the default revealed has to be communicated to Doctor Shop within 8 days from discover. The legal warranty is not applicable for accidental damages or for failure caused by unsafe use. See the specific section into the condition of sale

We are always ready to help you with any problem that may arise with the product shopped on Doctor Shop.

Conventional warranty of the producer

The products sold on the site can be covered, by the legal warranty and also by a “conventional” warranty of the producer. This means that the terms of warraty can be extended over the time frame guaranteed by the law. For exemple some ECGs have a warranty that reaches 5 years!

For no reason the conventional warranty replaces, limits, affect or escludes the legal warranty.

Dedicated technical assistance. No problem!

Even if the device may be out of the time frame for the warranty Doctor Shop provides you a dedicated technical assistance to try to solve your problem as fast as possible.

Call immediately the customer care at the green number 800 911 560. We will explain you how to give back the goods and we will give you a time frame for the solution of the problem.