How much is the shipping cost?
Is it your first purchase?
How do we ship the goods?
How can I check my shipment?
What is the time frame of the shipment?
If I found anomalies what can I do?


Shipping cost
The shipping cost depends on the weight and volume of the selected products.
You can verify the amount of the shipping cost while setting the order, adding products to cart before the conclusion of the purchase.


Doctor Shop entrusts its shipments only to international courier, which is able to guarantee a safe and quick delivery.

The delivery will happen, at the address you gave, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. The courier will not call before the delivery and, if he does not find you, will leave an advice and will try again the next day. Anyway for any problem, contact us at the green number 800 911560.

Track you shipment on the courier’s website
When we ship your order, you receive an e-mail with the delivery note number. Like this you can track online your shipment. In alternative, our staff will manage it for you. Contact us at the green number 800 911 560!

Average time frame for the shipment
We will ship your order within 24/48 hours from the confirmation, if the products are shown as available and the term of payment is not wire transfer in advance.

Delivery anomalies


What to do before signing the delivery note with the courier’s operator

  • Check that the number of boxes matches with the one wrinte on the delivery note;
  • Check that the label have written on them the right address;
  • Check that the boxes are not damaged or tempered.

In case you found one of these options, please write your reserve on the note specifying the type of anomaly.
In alternative, you can refuse the delivery writing on the delivery note your reason (partial delivery, wrong address, damaged packaging).

What to do in case you have not been able to check the anomaly with the courier’s operator

If you have found a damage inside a whole box, please ask immediately to us a document for the authorization to give back the product (RMA authorization). You can contact us at the green number 800 911560, or by e-mail or fax; all within 5 calendar days from the delivery.

Once received the authorization, you have to send us a document with the following details:

  • All the shipment details: n. of delivery note, date of document, product code with anomaly, quantity with anomaly;
  • The description of the box’s condition at the time of the delivery.


We will ship you the replacement products as soon as possible.

Will not be accepted anomalies after 5 calendar days from the delivery.

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